On Being Chalcedonian… or Not

The formula of Chalcedon didn’t sit well with everyone. There were Eastern Christian for whom the official language of two natures (physis) in Christ was not acceptable. These Christians, known as Monophysites, sided with Cyril of Alexandria, and thought that the alternative two-nature Christology tended toward the heresy of Nestorius. They did not want to […]

To be a Christian is to be Political

With the federal election campaign coming to a close and the general voting day just around the corner, people’s thoughts are naturally turning to the outcome, and the implications for the social and economic agenda for the nation. Christians I know are mobilizing to vote, for two reasons. I resonate with the first reason, recognizing […]

Get Out and Vote

I was going to post something different tomorrow, but the post will have to wait until next week. This week has been completely full. Tomorrow, my wife, son, and I will be working as Federal election officials at an advance poll in our town. It makes for very long days, but we like it. As […]

Letter to a Young Seminary Student

Thank you for your assignment. It contains some good insights, and some that are less so. Talking about the font size and paragraph breaks is an interesting observation, one I would not have thought to make. On a more important note, please don’t make excuses for your lack of theological training in writing about a […]