Coffee and Convictions: Theology and Life

I like to make coffee. I like to make it even more than I like to drink it (and I like that as well). I have heard that coffee is an acquired taste, and I tend to agree. I used to drink coffee made in a variety of places, and I noted that it was […]

Biblical Inspiration and Authority

What does it mean when we say that the bible was inspired by God? In fairness, despite our formulas, we can only speculate – our statements are only theories about what happens and how. But this is a fruitful exercise for two reasons. One is that thinking through the integration of our convictions about God […]

Reading Scripture – For the Right Reasons

Browsing a free book table recently, I picked up a book entitled The Foundation of Biblical Authority, edited by James Montgomery Boice, dedicated to advancing biblical inerrancy. The foundation for the theological system evident in the book was believed to arise from a commitment to the inerrancy of Scripture. Evangelical leaders in the 1970’s were […]

Hermeneutics and the Myth of Biblical Authority

At the 2019 Mennonite Brethren denominational conference on hermeneutics (the study of how to interpret Scripture, in case you wondered), a significant theme in the event was the authority of Scripture. The basic premise of biblical authority is that because the bible is inspired by God, the things we read in it about life and […]

Follow Me: Reflections on the Last Supper, Pt. 4

In looking at the Passover meal that was the Last Supper celebrated by Jesus with his disciples, the significance of Jesus as the Passover sacrifice is important. Clearly. But there’s more. Jesus is doing more than simply identifying a theological principle. Jesus is the Master, the Rabbi. His disciples are called to follow in his […]