Hermeneutics and the Myth of Biblical Authority

At the 2019 Mennonite Brethren denominational conference on hermeneutics (the study of how to interpret Scripture, in case you wondered), a significant theme in the event was the authority of Scripture. The basic premise of biblical authority is that because the bible is inspired by God, the things we read in it about life and […]

Follow Me: Reflections on the Last Supper, Pt. 4

In looking at the Passover meal that was the Last Supper celebrated by Jesus with his disciples, the significance of Jesus as the Passover sacrifice is important. Clearly. But there’s more. Jesus is doing more than simply identifying a theological principle. Jesus is the Master, the Rabbi. His disciples are called to follow in his […]

Why Does Anyone Need a Seminary?

For the past decade or so, I have had the privilege of teaching students at MB Seminary, part of ACTS Seminaries in Langley BC. Anyone who has known me for a long time might realize that I am an unlikely seminary professor. As a seminary student, I did not fit the typical profile of a […]